1972 Ford F100 Stereo Speaker Highliner Headliner Installation

Installed Highliner from LMC Truck

Installed Highliner from LMC Truck

This is just a quick tutorial on how to install the Highliner system available through LMC truck.¬† The Highliner was pretty simple to install with the exception of the fact you have to drill your own holes. In my case, I drilled one through the roof. Other than that It turned out just fine. It’s been a while since my last post as I have not been able to get much done on my truck lately.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is install all of the speakers and stereo and wire them up with a large pigtail. I used approx 15 feet of wire. You will need a total of 3 wires plus the antenna cable run from the unit. I bundled the wires with zip ties and ran them to the back of the panel and taped the wires down.

Step 2

In order to make installation easier I used double sided tape to tape down all of the foam padding that came with the kit and trimmed the foam wherever necessary.

Step 3

Once the entire headliner has been prepped and all of the wires are previously wired into a long pigtail I carried the headliner out to the truck and set it close  the right side of the truck. With the Headliner sitting by the Truck I ran the wire down and through the back of the cabin and along the passenger side.

Step 4

I didn’t personally do this, but having drilled a hole in my truck ceiling I would recommend putting something in the back side cabin headliner lip to separate the sheet metal from the roof. seperate it at least as much as the length of the screws included in the kit.

Step 5

Have a helper hold the Highliner up in the correct position and begin pre-drilling holes where needed being careful to stay on the lip and not drilling through the roof. I found that none of the existing holes lined up.

Step 6

Once everything is drilled begin screwing the panel to the roof take it slow because sometime the screws may poke up through the roof as well.

Step 7

Run the wires down the passenger side rear corner, under the carpet, and up into the dash. Connect the antenna to the antenna plug and wire the remote, battery, and common connections up to the igniton system. The Battery line should be yellow and I spliced into the Black/Green wire for the remote. Obviously common was black.

Step 8



Overall I am pretty happy with the quality of the headliner, but I was pretty annoyed at having to drill holes to install it. Be careful and take your time. I also ran the rear speaker wires down to the dash where I plan to hook them to a toggle switch where I can turn bed speakers on. I plan to install boat speakers on mounted brackets in the bed for tailgating purposes.