1972 Ford F100 Windshield Replacement

  • Year: 1972
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: F100
  • Category: Exterior

Tools Needed

  • About 10 feet of nylon 3/16 thick rope
  • A box cutter
  • A Helping Hand
  • Optional Window Sealant

Parts Used

Windshield and Rear Window Rubber purchased from LMC Truck

Why the Pro’s Get the Big Bucks

Chances are that if you are restoring your old pickup it is because you don’t want to pay someone else to do it. Had I not had two windshields to try my luck with, I would have forked out the couple hundred bucks to have it installed. I know first hand that if you don’t do this right, you will break your windshield and have to buy a new one anyway. Fortunately I had two and was able to learn from my mistakes. Here is what I learned. If you are looking to Install a back window the steps are the same.

Windshield removal

Removing the Windshield and Back window were both fairly easy. Have a partner Stand on the outside and more or less support the windshield for when it comes out. From the inside of the truck cut down the center of the rubber all the way around the window rubber. Once the window rubber is cut you should be able to start pushing it outward and see results. Be patient and gentle and it will eventually come. It may be necessary to re-cut the window rubber in a few places.

Windshield Installation

First put the window rubber on the windshield or back window. Once the rubber is on the windshield run the nylon rope(rip cord)  in the outside groove of the window rubber. Make sure the rope overlaps at some point in the center of the window.

From the outside of the truck, place the window or windshield on the opening and center it horizontally and vertically.

Have your partner hold it in the correct place with firm pressure while you get inside the truck and begin pulling the rip cord slowly.As you pull the Rip Cord the window rubber will be pulled over the steel lip of the window opening  on the inside. Take care when pulling the cord around corners as it is likely to tear the rubber. It is helpful to have your partner follow your rip cord closely on the outside with a  free hand to apply focused pressure.


I was fortunate to have two pieces of glass to work with on my truck project, however had I known what to do in the first place I would have only needed one.  It is not recommended to install a window using brute force and a screwdriver. If you install the window or windshield as a described, the whole thing will take about a half an hour. Depending on the climate of your area. You may choose to goop the seal with some window sealant. I live in Colorado and it is pretty dry so I opted out of this option and it seems to be holding up well to moisture.