1972 Ford F100 Restoration Project

1972 ford F100 truck

Where the Truck stands today

In high school I purchased one 1972 Ford F100 truck from my mother’s boyfriend for about $250. I went to college, graduated, and six years later got a job and started working on it.  In the course of one and a half years, I bought a second 2wd truck from my good friend who blew the motor. I also paid $250 for that truck. Once I hauled them both back to the shop I started swapping pieces.

72 F100 4x4 frame and nearly complete 72 f100 2wd

72 F100 4x4 frame and nearly complete 72 f100 2wd

Here are the Specifics of the project:

Take one 4×4 with a crappy body and swap the body for a better one off of a 2wd.

The 4×4 came with the following specs:

  • Newer highly customized interior (although still not great).
  • 460 CID engine from a 1978 Mercury Grand Marquis (someday will be switched)
  • Manual 4 speed transmission with granny gear
  • Bigger tires
  • A bit of a lift

The 2wd came as follows:

  • pretty much stock everything
  • Titled as a 1972 but many pieces look like 1967
  • 390 blown engine
  • C6 transmission
  • Power steering
  • Cargo Lamp
  • very Low rust and dents, bed was beat up pretty bad inside.

The Progression

72 f100 4x4 unfinished interior

72 f100 4x4 Interior as it stands

I started out by stripping everything off of my 4×4 frame and setting it aside. I then swapped the Cabin from one frame to the other and began body work. I am by no means a body man but I was pretty Ok with finish work so I gave it a try. The end product is not terrible but, it’s certainly not great. It is however, much better than pea soup green, and looks good from 20 feet.

I painted the body then the bed, fenders, and components and placed the bed on the frame. The Interior is painted but yet to be done and the exterior is about 90% (minus a few large purchases like bumpers).

Interior upgrade plan:

  • Leather buckets seats off of something new (Any Suggestions?)
  • A custom climate control system with all the new bells and whistles like the compass, altemeter, etc..(I am an Electrical Engineer so I get great joy out of nerdy things like these.)
  • Brand New Gauges ( haven’t decided yet)
  • A custom center console, headliner, and door panels.

Other Plans:

next year I plan to swap the motor for a much more economical 302 and  a 5 speed tranny.


As Time goes On I will be posting Detailed Articles on how I did each step, what tools I used, Things I’ve learned, and pictures wherever possible. Thanks for Stopping by!